Our Interview with Pilates Instructor Holly Newton

Holly is one of the wonderful instructors here at Shelbourne Pilates & Rehab.  She is certified in Mat & Reformer and has recently been accredited as a Physiotherapy Assistant.  In our New Year session, beginning January 2nd, she will be teaching a number of classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings including our new Pilates Barre class.  To help our clients get to know her, her teaching style, and background, we interviewed this fabulous lady!

What inspired you to start teaching Pilates?

I was inspired to teach Pilates when, as a yoga teacher, I craved more ways of helping my clients find muscular balance, and alignment in a way that doesn’t require much flexibility and is also efficient, functional and safe! Pilates gave me the tools to develop deep core strength, which has enhanced my teaching and my students

What does Pilates mean to you?

To me, Pilates is about having all I need to take care of my body, using just my body weight and movements. Pilates develops strong and flexible muscles, which increases confidence, and with that, happiness.

What do you think sets your classes apart?

I set my classes apart from the average Pilates class by keeping the energy high and light; they are fun and flow well, making the hard work seem easy! I love creating class plans that are functional but accessible for everyone, no matter the skill level.

Why should people adopt Pilates as their primary exercise program?

Pilates is an exercise program that is beneficial to everyone. It strengthens core muscles, like the abdominals and back muscles. It also works stabilising muscles that everyone forgets about, but are the muscles that can get hurt easily (rotator cuff!). Pilates is Prevention! If our bodies are strong and healthy, injury and debilitation are much less likely.

What have you explored recently to maintain your education credits and expand your knowledge?

Recently I attended a workshop, given by Physiotherapist Laura Werner, where we delved deeply into the mechanics of how to strengthen and engage the Pelvic floor! It was fascinating to learn how to cue my clients in a way that allows them to access these muscles that may have seemed inaccessible. The pelvic floor is another muscle group that is taken for granted, when ignored, it can cause a lot of problems.

Do you have any advice for people considering taking up Pilates for the first time?

For those considering taking up Pilates for the first time, I suggest starting with the foundations. They are simple and easy-to-learn movements, which are the basis for most, more advanced Pilates movements. Basically, we start small and work our way up to the big leagues.

Outside of teaching what interests do you have?

Outside of Pilates, my passion remains in movement… I love the outdoors, Hiking, playing, swimming, often taking my yoga practice to the woods! Barre is my most recent obsession, so much so that I began teaching it. Barre is like Pilates on a ballet barre, with fun flowing sequences that break a major sweat. Other than just moving my body, I enjoy the concept of holistic health, involving nutrition, meditation, and mindful self-care. I am attending college for natural health, so I can refine my skills and coach others to do the same.

Tell us about the new specialty class you will be offering

At the Shelbourne Physiotherapy studio I will be offering a NEW specialty class called Pilates Barre. This class will be a mix of Pilates, Yoga and Barre, bringing the strength building of Pilates, the flow and stretchiness of yoga, and some standing movements similar to that of Barre, all to the beat of some good tunes. A good sweat, and those feel-good endorphins will be pumping throughout the class.

What most excites you about offering this class at Shelbourne Pilates?

I am so excited to bring some fresh energy to the studio with this class, If you are looking for something a little more active and contemporary than a regular mat Pilates class, then this is the class for you.

Thanks for sharing with us Holly.  One final question, what’s your go to snack to keep you energised and fuelled throughout the day?

With all this physical self-care, it’s important to properly nourish my body with the right fuel. I always try having a healthy, protein packed breakfast like pumpkin pie porridge. Nutritious snacks throughout the day keep me energised when I’m on the go. I like homemade hummus, with crackers and cucumber, or avocado stuffed with tuna, cayenne pepper and lemon juice!

Join Holly this Holiday Season for Pilates Barre, and register with her or any of our other wonderful instructors for Pilates classes in 2017!!

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