At the Shelbourne Physiotherapy Pilates and Rehabilitation Studio, we place high importance on small class sizes with specialized groups, where the individuals are working at the same level or through similar conditions.

Pilates is such an effective tool for exercise rehabilitation that certain special populations are realizing the benefits of the Pilates method to help them through their challenges with injuries or certain conditions.

Special interest groups and athletes are also recognizing how Pilates can help them increase their potential, reduce risk of injury, and make their hobbies and sports more enjoyable.

Think about how core strengthening, spinal stability, postural and body awareness, and an overall strong healthy spine can improve your quality of life!

If you have an idea for a group that you do not see below, please feel free to give us a call or email us, we would be happy to try to organize a group!  Remember, we only need 3 people to get started!

Early Morning Power Reformer

Start your day feeling strong, stretched and streamlined with our Power Reformer class with Sharon McAuley on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am. What a great way to start off the day, and jump start your metabolism. After this class, you’ll be energized for the day, and ready to take on the week ahead. Pilates experience is required for this class. Call the studio to reserve your space – this is a class you do not want to miss out on!

Stability Chair

We are introducing an all Stability Chair™ class into our studio! The Stability Chair™ is a sturdy piece of equipment that helps achieve upper- and lower-body strength and conditioning, enhances stability and improves body control. By helping to re-establish muscle balance while providing a functional full-body workout, it also facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Gym-stick Class

A Gym-stick is a fitness tool designed to simplify and effectively combine cardiovascular, muscular endurance and flexibility training. The combination of Pilates and the exercise stick is a new way of combining muscular endurance and flexibility training. This allows you to improve your fitness levels safely and effectively. This fun and creative Pilates class will use a mix of gym-sticks, mat work, and other various props.

Post-natal Pilates

If you’re looking to regain muscle strength postpartum Pilates is an excellent way to train, stabilize, and strengthen your body safely. The focus is on reactivating and stabilizing the pelvic floor, transversus abdominis and obliques as well as developing lumbo-pelvic stability. This combination class mixes reformer and mat work to ensure you get full body benefits from each workout, and is gentle yet effective enough to get new moms back on the right track.

Somatic Movement Pilates Classes

Somatic Movement involves a series of specific exercises that reconnect the brain with the muscles so you can let go of tightness in the body. The movements are slow and mindful, and are preferably performed on the floor but can also be done sitting in a chair or standing up. The educator leading the class will verbally teach you the exercises rather than demonstrate, and you can feel free to close your eyes while you do the exercises. By not demonstrating the movements, we encourage an internal learning process. You can make changes in your nervous system more effectively and efficiently when you focus completely on your internal sensations rather than on copying someone else’s movements.  No pain = more gain!

Restore and Strengthen  


This class will ensure you get the most out of your time.! You will release unnecessary tension with some mindful Somatic movements and effectively strengthen your body with the precision of Pilates exercises. You will walk out feeling more relaxed, flexible, better balance, and overall feeling stronger!


Pilates Flow

Pilates Flow embodies an essence of Joseph Pilates original mat repertoire in that it integrates fluid transitions between exercises. Like a dance you move seamlessly from one exercise to the next connecting breath with movement.


LIFT (Low Impact Function Training)

This unique 55 miniute Pilates Equipment class is designed for all levels of fitness. Easy to follow exercises, that  will improve strength and power, are done on the Stability Chair and Reformer. This is a great introduction to Pilates for those who come from a traditional fitness background.

Trampoline HIIT

Our Trampoline HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class centres around the Reformer Trampoline. You’ll do intervals of high intensity cardio work on the Trampoline followed by short intervals of strength work. Take your endurance to the next level by “jumping” into this high energy class. Water and and a towel are highly recommende


This 55minute class is our high-intensity strength, power, and cardio interval class. This class provides the most metabolically efficient workout in the least amount of time. This class uses all of the Pilates equipment . Water and towel are  recommended .

Exercise Rehabilitation Pilates

This class focuses on spinal, core, pelvic and shoulder strengthening and stability, postural retraining and awareness along with muscle balancing. Small class sizes ensure safe and effective exercise along with professional consideration for injuries. Pilates props and reformers are used to offer support for the back and neck and aid in the isolation of the larger muscle groups without strain or pressure on joints.

Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates can be a very effective tool in rehabilitating the imbalanced spine and associated  musculature in scoliosis. Our Pilates for scoliosis class is designed to help Victoria adolescents and adults strengthen and stabilize core and back muscles to support the spine for more optimal alignment. A variety of Schroth based exercises are used to stretch and strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine to relieve pain, improve alignment and balance.
*No Pilates experience necessary*

Scoliosis-How Pilates Helped Me

Scoliosis and Spinal Disorders

Pilates for Men


Pilates is not just for women! In fact, Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates over 50 years ago and continues to aid as a tool to reach optimal physical and

mental wellness. Pilates emphasizes moving from the center of the body- the powerhouse, to develop core strength in the deep muscles of the center to

stabilize the trunk and protect the back. This kind of core training makes Pilates an excellent technique for whole-body fitness, as well as a foundation for cross training with other kinds of sports and exercise. Instructed by Stott Pilates professionals, men will build core strength and stability, improve posture and alignment while relieving stress and pain from the body. Pilates increases flexibility, balance and coordination and will improve overall muscle tone and endurance.

Pilates for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is caused by the weakening of the bone structure, which makes those who have it more susceptible to broken bones and fractures. Weight bearing exercises, offered by a diverse range of Pilates exercises, are increasingly recommended as part of bone building programs to prevent osteoporosis. Pilates resistance training can help maintain bone density, stimulate bone growth, increase co-ordination, posture and balance to avoid falling. The Pilates for osteoporosis program utilizes the principles of Stott Pilates to strengthen your core muscles, improve your breathing, concentration, balance and body awareness. Exercises will optimize posture and create ease of movement, while working to prevent falls caused by weakened bone density. Participants will be educated and instructed using the Stott reformer and classes will offer a component of Pilates mat work to further strengthen the core muscles. Osteoporosis currently causes more days in hospital than some more publicised diseases, such as cancer! With the growing and aging population it is predicted that the epidemic of osteoporosis will only grow and grow. One of the key components of not only managing osteoporosis but preventing its onset with exercise. Several research studies have proven that the use of Pilates movements is one of the key components to managing this disease

Pilates for Seniors

Regular exercise is critical for seniors and Pilates is a safe and effective way to increase energy and lessen pain. In fact, Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, practiced his method into his eighties! Participants will learn essential exercises to establish core strength with focus on balance, stability, flexibility and muscle tone. The instructor’s ability to modify exercises to meet differing needs makes this Pilates class an inviting senior exercise program for beginners and individuals with no previous Pilates experience alike!

CardioTramp Pilates – Reformer Interval Training

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline affects every organ and is directly related to the efficiency of the lymphatic system, cardiovascular endurance and immune function. The cushioning surface of the rebounder allows participants with joint issues to strengthen their connective tissues, improving joint resilience. In addition, the low-impact surface provides a more comfortable form of cardiovascular training in comparison to traditional methods, like running. Paired with the use of the Pilates reformer, a full-body strengthening and toning workout is offered in our invigorating cardio-tramp classes.

Pre-Natal Pilates

Through Pilates, women can stay strong and fit throughout their pregnancies. At Shelbourne Physiotherapy our Pilates instructors are knowledgeable about the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, and have a clear understanding of how pregnancy affects the abdominal muscles. Core strengthening is critical during pregnancy to help support the growing uterus, decrease lumbar compression and reduce pelvic pressure. Women who practice safe abdominal strengthening during pregnancy have decreased lower back pain, less pelvic pain, better mobility, easier deliveries and faster recoveries. Pilates will also aid in helping women stay connected to their changing body, improving posture and reducing pregnancy aches and pains. Pilates is also famous for helping new moms get their figures back, so check out our Post-Natal Pilates class for a fast bounce-back after your baby is born! *No Pilates experience necessary*

Pilates Barre

A combination class that includes a mix of Pilates and barre exercises for an active and fun class! We achieve core strength conditioning using Pilates techniques, while the Barre method brings a cardiovascular challenge, using a chair to assist with standing and balance exercises like squats, lunges and hip extension.  Finish off the practise with long, juicy stretches that compliment strength training and feel great! This class is suited for people looking to challenge themselves and gain strength, flexibility and empowerment.

Plus-Size Pilates

If you are overweight or just a big person, exercise can be intimidating; an exercise class even more so. Pilates has the reputation for creating lean bodies and you might think everyone in a Pilates class will be agile, toned, and slim, and that you just won’t fit in. Happily, that’s just one of the myths about Pilates. Pilates is beneficial for people of all shapes and sizes. Pilates increases the strength and coordination of the core muscles – which support the spine and organs. When the core is strong, alignment and posture improve, relieving stress on the joints and muscles. Increased flexibility, muscle tone and balance are additional benefits you will enjoy in this Pilates class. The Pilates exercises utilized will be modified for differing levels and physical needs, gradually improving your strength and endurance. If you feel uncomfortable entering into a class, we offer private lesson that will enable your instructor to teach you the principles of Pilates and to find the best modifications and props for your goals.

Pilates for Runners/Walkers

How can Pilates benefit runners and walkers? By increasing core strength, correcting postural imbalances, increasing balance in the muscles of the back and hips, by reducing the risk of injury and in assisting breath control. The practice of Pilates, when coupled with your existing walking and running program increases the ease of lifting your legs to power up hills and speed up your walking or running. Your instructor will focus on footwork as well as challenging your muscle groups on horizontal and frontal planes to create balance and strength.


Pilates for Golfers

Are you looking to hit your ball consistently with more accuracy? Pilates is an excellent form of exercise to help you accomplish just that with less pain and fewer injuries! This class will focus on building core strength, postural alignment, and shoulder and pelvis stability to improve your game and increase your yardage!

Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Due to the weakening of muscle tissue in people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, it is beneficial to counter the process with the strengthening of muscles and joints to improve density. Pilates for MS focuses on exercises designed to aid in the withstanding of system attack pains, while additionally building strength and battling fatigue. The gentle movements preformed on the Pilates reformer, allows not only the strengthening of muscles and joints, but also in the stretching of muscle fibers which slow the progression of MS complications.

Athletic Conditioning Pilates

Athletic conditioning on the reformer will help you to sharpen agility, boost strength and endurance and prevent injury. Our instructors will educate you on how to isolate muscles and increase movement efficiency while emphasizing core stability in a sport-specific Reformer-based workout.

Pilates for Dancers

This class is designed to teach dancers how to support their bodies, especially their spines, by learning how to strengthen their core and stabilize their joints while dancing. Learning basic Pilates principles helps increase flexibility and prevent injuries through correct alignment and muscle balancing. This class will focus on issues of balancing on one leg and two, stabilizing and supporting joints during turning and jumping and correcting individual alignment issues. Students will learn exercises on the mat along with a variety of Stott Pilates equipment.

Dance Tech Pilates

This new hybrid of ballet technique and Pilates is designed to foster graceful movement and core strength while increasing coordination and balance. Exercises will be set to music combining upright postures with classic floor barre technique.

Pilates for Parkinsons Disease

Many clinical studies provide evidence suggesting exercise reduces the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Pilates consists of slow, controlled exercises, utilizing the Pilates reformer and its springs for resistance. Using spring resistance mimics the natural movements made in daily life, helping to increase core strength and balance. Additional Pilates movements help ease the symptoms of rigidity and poor balance while slow, controlled movements aid in increasing mobility in those suffering from Parkinsons.


Yoga and pilates are natural soul mates. Both help balance the body from left to right, top to bottom, front to back, limb to limb and muscle to muscle. Pilates exercises and yoga postures develop healthy breathing, flexibility and concentration, and also provide a mental focus and release that is challenging yet rejuvenating. Join us for this therapeutic class to start your day on the right foot, and in the right frame of mind.

Pelvic Floor Pilates 

was created to provide a widely accessible method of recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength. Common problems such as urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse are all associated with pelvic floor weakness. The techniques used in this class are used to help both men and women improve pelvic floor fitness and function. This class is especially helpful for anyone pre or post natal.

Interval Pilates

It’s all about intensity – this new class style targets the whole body through continuous, precise, controlled movement sand functional exercises that increase the intensity of the workout, whilst at the same time engaging the core and delivering cardiovascular conditioning. The focus is on increased intensity and precise movements that work specific muscle groups harder and longer, as well as stretching to improve the range of motion. This is what sets interval Pilates apart from other classes.

*Previous Pilates experience required*

Strength and Stretch

Pilates mat class with a unique fusion of strength training and total-body stretching. This class will focus on strengthening the major muscle groups of the body, while flowing from pose to pose utilizing stretches. Strength and Stretch mat classes provide a comprehensive, time efficient and functional way to strengthen the muscles while transitioning into fully supported passive

Pilates for Lower Back Pain

This pilates class focuses on addressing low back pain and dysfunction. We will asses the current alignment and stability of the spine and pelvis and prescribe exercises to correct weaknesses. We will also consider possible spinal ailments such as disc herniation, spinal stenosis, etc. All fitness levels welcome.


This fun reformer class is designed with dynamic compound super-set exercises. You will receive a full body workout as you challenge multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Enter your peak fat burning mode with this fast paced class!

Cardio-Tramp Combo 1/2:

This class is appropriate for level ½ students looking for more variety or not quite ready for a full Cardio-Tramp class.  It is a great way to build cardiovascular endurance and challenge your core stability progressively.  We will use a combination of Reformer, Stability chair and even mat exercises in addition to the Cardio-Tramp. This is a diverse full-body work out that is highly effective!

Reformer Balance and Flow:

Tone, stretch and energize in fluid sequences with music.  This class is a dynamic class suitable for intermediate to advanced practitioners. It combines the best of Pilates and Yoga on the reformer in safe effective arrangements. Always expect a challenge to your stability and balance while leaving revitalized and recharged.

Prerequisites: Level 2 Pilates Practitioner with some experience on the Reformer.


This class is specifically for anyone with low bone density. Learn which exercises are contraindicated for you and how to move in safe effective ways, both in and out of class. Discover the myriad of wonderful exercises that are available to help maintain and even increase bone density in a safe and effective environment.