Our Approach to Yoga

At Shelbourne Pilates and Rehabilitation Studio, we also offer a selection of yoga classes to fit your needs, in our bright and welcoming studio space.

Our studio places importance on maintaining small class sizes of 3-6 people so that you receive individualized attention within a group setting, creating a safe and supportive environment.

Give us a call at the studio to reserve your space.

Private yoga training and yoga therapy sessions are available at our studio with our experienced instructors to enhance your yoga practice.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga adapts the practice of yoga to be suitable for small intimate groups of people with specific and persistent needs. All exercises are modified with props and specific instruction to suit different conditions. This class will contain postural and breathing exercises, deeply based in relaxation and meditation. Classes are intended to support optimal functioning of the joints, muscles and organs, and are designed to help you learn to restore balance, increase vitality and improve your mood.

Flow Yoga

Our invigorating Flow Yoga class increases flexibility, strength and core stability. Flow Yoga integrates breathing with movement as you flow from one pose to the next, decreasing stress, increasing body awareness and leaving you feeling energized and vibrant!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga brings together the balance of the body with traditional yoga postures that concentrate on alignment, breath, relaxation and the balance of the opposites in the body. This class will contain postures that slowly flow together in alignment, static strength, breath and gentle inversions. This class features hands on adjustments and props to aid alignment of the body so this class is appropriate for all levels including those with injuries.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a calming and gentle, slow-paced yoga practice comprised of traditional postures held for long periods of time using support and props.  Combined with breathing exercises (Pranayama) to guide and ground the postures, Yin Yoga  promotes deep relaxation as well as healthy joint function to facilitate painless movement and increased range of motion. Poses are designed to improve the flow of qi (the body’s natural energy system) in order to strengthen organs, immunity, and emotional well being.