pre-natal Pilates class

Are you or is someone you know expecting? We offer Pre/ Post Natal Pilates Classes!

prenatal-pilates1Through Pilates, women can stay strong and fit throughout their pregnancies. At Shelbourne Physiotherapy, our Pilates instructors are knowledgeable about the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, and have a clear understanding of how pregnancy affects the abdominal muscles. Core strengthening is critical during pregnancy to help support the growing uterus, decrease lumbar compression and reduce pelvic pressure.

Women who practice safe abdominal strengthening during pregnancy have decreased lower back pain, less pelvic pain, better mobility, easier deliveries and faster recoveries. Pilates will also aid in helping women stay connected to their changing body, improving posture and reducing pregnancy aches and pains. Pilates is also famous for helping new moms get their figures back, so check out our Post-Natal Pilates class for a fast bounce-back after your baby is born! *No Pilates experience necessary*

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