Pilates Class and Level Information

Level Descriptions

Foundations: Participants begin at square one; they are first introduced to the studio, observe different features, etiquette and procedures. Participants are then introduced to the basic principles of alignment and proper breathing. They will explore varying strategies to engage the core and foundation exercises. Finally, individuals are oriented with the Reformer and Stability Chair. Students are assessed on their ability to retain information to see how they will progress.

Level 1: Low intensity – pace is slow and there is ample recovery time. In level 1 classes it is presumed participants are comfortable with the basic principles of breathing and alignment. They should also be comfortable navigating the Stott Reformers and Stability Chairs. Participants start to learn exercises from the Beginner repertoire on either the mat, reformer and/or stability chair. Exercises include ab preparation, footwork, feet in straps, and standing leg press. Students are assessed on their technique and/or ability to modify beginner exercises to fir their own bodies to see if they can progress.

Level 2: Medium intensity – pace is moderate and there is adequate recovery time. Participants start to learn exercises from the Intermediate repertoire on either the mat, reformer, and/or stability chair. Exercises from the beginner repertoire should now be familiar. Exercises include roll over, short spine, and elephant. Students are assessed on their technique and/or ability to modify intermediate exercises to fir their own bodies to see if they can progress. 

Level 3: High intensity – Pace is fast and there is little recovery time. Participants start to learn exercises from the advanced repertoire on either the mat, reformer and/or stability chair. exercises include jack knife, snake, and leg raises. Exercises from the Intermediate repertoire should now be familiar. 

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Reformer / Combo Pilates

Reformer classes are designed to improve muscle tone through resistance, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total body workout. The reformer allows the participant to isolate muscles and mobilize joints with minimal strain and joint compression. An assortment of props and variety of exercises are offered by our instructors to add further challenge and broadening of the Pilates experience.

Combo classes utilize reformer machines, stability chairs, and sometimes mat work.


Foundations (beginner) through to Level 3 (advanced). 

Clinical pilates at Shelbourne Physiotherapy

Mat Pilates


Mat classes are designed to help develop leaner, longer muscles while establishing core strength and stability. Props are incorporated to add variety and challenge throughout the session. Instructors will guide you through a range of strengthening and core stimulating exercises focusing on coordination, posture and balance.


Foundations (beginner) through to Level 3 (advanced)


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Specialty Pilates Classes

At the Shelbourne Physiotherapy Pilates and Rehabilitation Studio we offer more than just your average Pilates classes. Pilates is such an effective tool for exercise rehabilitation that certain special populations are realizing the benefits of the Pilates method to help them through their challenges with injuries or certain conditions.

Our current range of Specialty Classes include:

Seniors Combo

A low intensity class with a slow pace, ample recovery time, and transition time. Participants in this class should have completed an introductory package, a Foundations session of classes, or have recent Pilates experience. Exercises take primarily from the beginner repertoire and are easily modified for individuals with varying limitations.


Rebounding on a mini-trampoline affects every organ and is directly related to the efficiency of the lymphatic system, cardiovascular endurance and immune function. The rebounder allows participants with joint issues to strengthen their connective tissues and improve joint resilience. Full-body strengthening & toning, a good sweat!

Reformer Stretch

The perfect balance of strength and stretch. This class combines the stability and controlled movements of Pilates with the lengthening and softening aspects of yoga. Flow through Pilates reformer exercises while weaving in yoga postures. Learn how to blend Pilates principles into yoga postures to achieve proper form and alignment allowing for deeper stretches and enhanced muscle recovery. This class is slowed down to focus on breath and create a meditative quality which promotes mind/body relaxation and calm anxiety.

Reformer Sculpt

This class is amped up to give you a full body burn with a prime focus on stability, control and strength. Props, Cardio tramp and hand weights are added to regular reformer exercises to target multiple muscle groups within a specific exercise. Challenge coordination with dynamic movements and move at a swift pace to upbeat music. This class is meant to be sweaty, building internal heat and increased heart rate.

Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates can be a very effective tool in rehabilitating the imbalanced spine and associated  musculature in scoliosis. Our Pilates for scoliosis class is designed to help Victoria adolescents and adults strengthen and stabilize core and back muscles to support the spine for more optimal alignment. A variety of Schroth based exercises are used to stretch and strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine to relieve pain, improve alignment and balance.
*No Pilates experience necessary*

If you have an idea for a group that you do not see below, please feel free to give us a call or email us, we would be happy to try to organize a group! 

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