Concussion Treatment: Now Offered at Shelbourne Studio!

concussion therapy shelbourne studio

Are you seeking help with a concussion? Concussion treatment is now available with our Athletic Therapist and Kinesiologist Tegan Johnson.

Proper management from the time of incident can decrease the risk of persistent symptoms or complications.

Athletic Therapists are trained in the assessment of concussions and can provide a complete step by step recovery guide that is tailored to your demands. As certified members of the CATA, our Athletic Therapists are also aligned with the Candian Concussion Collaborative (CCC).


Use the link below to learn more about the symptoms of concussion and how Athletic Therapy can help.


New Classes at the Studio

We’ve added a few new class styles to our Pilates line up this Spring! Read our class descriptions below and call our studio coordinators at 250-598-9828 ext 2 to sign up.

Reformer Sculpt

This class is amped up to give you a full body burn with a prime focus on stability, control and strength. Props, Cardio tramp and hand weights are added to regular reformer exercises to target multiple muscle groups within a specific exercise. Challenge coordination with dynamic movements and move at a swift pace to upbeat music. This class is meant to be sweaty, building internal heat and increased heart rate.

Mondays at 4 pm,  Tuesdays at 11 am, Thursdays at 5 pm and Fridays at 10 am

Reformer Stretch

The perfect balance of strength and stretch. This class combines the stability and controlled movements of Pilates with the lengthening and softening aspects of yoga. Flow through Pilates reformer exercises while weaving in yoga postures. Learn how to blend Pilates principles into yoga postures to achieve proper form and alignment allowing for deeper stretches and enhanced muscle recovery. This class is slowed down to focus on breath and create a meditative quality which promotes mind/body relaxation and calm anxiety.

Thursdays at 11 am & Fridays at 2 pm

Cardio Tramp HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

We are pleased to offer two high intensity Interval training classes throughout the week both which focus on strength training and cardio conditioning.

Our Trampoline HIIT class centres around the Reformer Trampoline. You’ll do intervals of high intensity cardio work on the Trampoline followed by short intervals of strength work. Take your endurance to the next level by “jumping” into this high energy class. Water and a towel are highly recommended.

For additional information about this class please contact our studio coordinators.

Welcome to the studio Chris Csak

Chris has been In the Health and Fitness Industry for 20 years and has been teaching Pilates for 10. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals with varying goals and limitations both in Canada and abroad. He believes that by enhancing physical function an individual betters their physiological process and overall health. Having recently moved to Victoria, Chris is very excited to share his knowledge and experience with his new Community.

Is Pilates Good Exercise for Seniors?

Pilates is generally appropriate for senior fitness, and it is gaining popularity among senior citizens. The ability to modify exercises to meet differing needs, along with the many benefits of the Pilates method, such as increased levels of strength, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, stamina, and well-being, make Pilates an inviting senior exercise program. After all, Joseph Pilates practiced his method into his eighties.

  • What is Pilates?
  • Pilates Information for Beginners

Classes for Seniors

It is possible to learn Pilates from online instruction, videos, and books. However, I recommend starting out in a group or private class with a certified Pilates instructor.

As Pilates becomes an integral part of the fitness world, Pilates classes specifically for seniors are becoming more common. They can be found at senior centers, Pilates studios, gyms, and YMCAs. If an age-specific class is not available, many seniors will find that regular beginner classes are welcoming and level appropriate. A good instructor will offer cues for exercise modifications, and most classes are small enough that some individual instruction can be expected.

Another option for the senior student is to begin with private classes. Private instruction is offered at most Pilates studios. This will ensure a good foundation in the basic movement principles of Pilates, and make it easier for an instructor to tailor modifications to a student’s needs.

  • Top Ways to Learn Pilates

Mat or Reformer Classes?

Mat and reformer are the two most common types of Pilates classes that people begin with. Either one will be beneficial for the senior student. A Pilates mat class is comprised of exercises done on a mat on the floor, without any special equipment. However, smaller pieces of Pilates equipment, such as the magic circle or exercise band, may be incorporated into a mat class.

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The Mind Body Connection: What you can do for you and How Pilates help

With a change in weather and the holiday season approaching, now is a great time of year to slow down and bring your attention to balancing the connection between your body and mind.

Two of the main principles in Pilates are breath and concentration.  Being aware of your breath in Pilates allows you to maximise your exercises.  The breath can also be a reflection of one’s state of mind. When we are nervous or anxious, the breath shallows and speeds up making it difficult to focus. When we come into the habit of recognising our breath we can reverse the symptoms of stress by consciously slowing the breath and inhaling fully into the body. Try taking the Pilates foundations into your everyday routine with this easy mind body morning routine…

When you wake in the morning remain in bed for a few moments to give yourself the opportunity to breathe mindfully and connect to your body. Keep your eyes closed and take a deep inhale through your nose, allowing your rib cage to expand to in all directions. Hold your breath for a few moments, then exhale through your mouth, focusing on engaging your abdominal muscles, drawing your navel in towards your spine to push the stale air out. As you take breath in focus on feeling air filling the sides and back of your body. Remembering that your core includes muscles in your waist and back, think about tightly squeezing the sides of your abdominals as well as the front as you exhale.  After you are comfortable with your deep breathing and core engagement, take a mental scan of the rest of your body. Become aware of any sensations, pleasant or unpleasant, as you scan from the crown of your head down to your toes.  Remembering that your thoughts have a physical effect on your body, use your final relaxed moments to intentionally bring a positive mantra for you day into your mind and repeat it several times.

Building awareness of your core will give you better posture and balance throughout your day to come and will help you improve your performance in your Pilates & Yoga classes.  Your deep focused breathing will oxygenate your blood, increase overall circulation ensuring that enough oxygen is flowing to the muscles you are using, and help to prevent unnecessary tension in the day to come.

Have you noticed how animals always stretch after they wake up? If you have a pet you might see this around your home daily. Your pet might flex their back and extend their legs before they begin to walk around after sleeping. Complete this practice with some gentle stretching and movement.  Hug your knees into your chest, perhaps twist side to side. Your mind might be awake, but make sure your body is too before rolling out of bed and engaging the day with a clear, positive, and relaxed mind.