Upcoming Pfilates Pelvic Floor Workshop

Upcoming Pfilates Pelvic Floor Workshop:

Saturday May 24     230-430pm

Spaces are limited, please contact our Studio Coordinators Jackie, Robyn or Erin at 250-598-9828 (ext 2) to register today!

pFilates Workshop is designed to:

pilates mat

  • Help you understand the muscles of the pelvic floor, where they are & how they function
  • Educate you about weakness in the pelvic floor muscles that result in disorders such as incontinence & pelvic organ prolapse
  • Teach you specific exercises to condition the appropriate muscles focusing not only on strength, but endurance & coordination
  • the Pfilates Pelvic Floor Conditioning Program is a specially designed, pilates based program to target pelvic floor weakness and to improve the symptoms of incontinence.

Shelbourne Physiotherapy Victoria BCThe workshop will include an informational interactive presentation as well as an exercise portion.

If you do not have a pilates/yoga mat we do have a limited amount at the studio.

** pfilAtes workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities 

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