What is Pilates

The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed over 90 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates. It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, provides flexibility and balance, unites body and mind and creates a more streamlined shape.

Pilates works from the inside out. It strengthens and lengthens the muscles commonly known as stabilizers, and which support the skeleton of our bodies and help prevent us from falling over when we are moving around. As these muscles have to work hard and for long periods of time they need endurance. Our mobilizing muscles on the other hand make big movements and lie closer to the surface but fatigue quickly. When the two types of muscles work perfectly at their own jobs the body is balanced. If your framework is upright you will look upright.

The single most important section of the body is the area between the bottom of your rib cage and the line across you hips, which is called the Powerhouse. Virtually all exercises work the Powerhouse leading to a flatter belly and a stronger evenly developed lower back. A strong Powerhouse forms the foundation for all movement, energy emanates from the centre of the body and flows outward towards the hand and feet. It is no good building up a core and never transferring the energy through to the limbs.

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Joseph Pilates, born in 1880, was a sickly child who suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever and dedicated his entire life to become physically stronger. He studied and became proficient at bodybuilding, diving, skiing and gymnastics. His method was the product of his lifelong observation of the human body and its natural functioning. Pilates established his method of training in New York in the late 1920s after he left Germany when coming under pressure to teach his fitness programme to the new German Army. Pilates and wife Clara opened a gym in the building that housed the New York City Ballet. But Pilates didn’t just train dancers, before long his studio became the fitness centre of New York attracting a number of rich and influential clients such as Sir Laurence Olivier, Yehudi Menuhin and Katherine Hepburn. Pilates taught in his studio till the late 60s and continued to enjoy excellent health. At seventy-six he could still be seen jogging through Manhattan in his swimming costume! He died in 1967.

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Shelbourne PhysiotherapyPilates & Massage is a locally owned health company with locations in beautiful Victoria & Saanich, British Columbia. Our clinics offer PhysiotherapyIMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) & Dry NeedlingKinesiology, Athletic Therapy, Exercise RehabilitationMassage TherapySports RehabilitationPelvic Floor Pilates Classes and ResearchPost-Operative RehabilitationVestibular, Dizziness & Balance RehabilitationWomen’s health (peri-partum and incontinence)Acupuncture, HydrotherapyScoliosis Treatment,  Clinical Osteofit ClassesOsteoporosis TreatmentAquatherapyPool TherapyReal Time Ultrasound, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis TreatmentElectrical Modalities, Pelvic Floor Physio, Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy, Incontinence TreatmentThoracic Ring Approach Physiotherapy TreatmentSports PhysiotherapyChronic Pain Treatment Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)Aquatic TherapyYogaYogalatesSaanich PhysiotherapyPolestar Pilates, Stott Pilates, Clinical PilatesScoliosis TreatmentKinetic Link Training KLT and Custom Knee Bracing

Our clinics are approved providers for WorksafeBC (WCB) Physiotherapy and ICBC Physiotherapy, Kinesiology & Rehabilitation. We are proud members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy(CAMPT)Sport Physiotherapy CanadaSportmedBCBritish Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK), Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)Vestibular Disorders AssociationISST International Schroth 3D Scoliosis TherapyInternational Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST)Think Local VictoriaCanadian Federation of Independent Business(CFIB),  the Orthopaedic Division of the CPA and the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) We have a clinic located in Saanich.

Shelbourne Physiotherapy staff provide clinical instruction at our Victoria Clinic for students in the UBC Faculty of Medicine. We are an accredited facility for UBC Dept. of Physical Therapy Student Practicums.

Our Saanich & Victoria Physiotherapy clinics are modern and provide a relaxed healing atmosphere with private rooms available. Many Physiotherapy clinics in Victoria work out of a single room or a basement that does not offer the equipment, resources or space to help you recover properly. Our convenient locations make our clinics easy to access from all the neighbourhoods of Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt and Oak Bay such as Dockside GreenFairfieldJames Bay, Oaklands, FernwoodHarris GreenJubileeHillside Quadra, Rockland, UplandsDowntown VictoriaCordova BayArbutusCamosun College Lansdowne Campus and the Songhees. We offer appointment times ranging from 7:00AM to 7:00PM for your convenience. Our Multidisciplinary Health Clinic is located right across the street from the Hillside Shopping Centre. we share a building with the Shelbourne Medical Centre which has a walk in clinic and many great General Practitioners.

We are a friendly, local Victoria & Saanich owned and community based health company designed to meet your individual needs. Our mission is to provide Physiotherapy and related services to the communities of VictoriaSaanichOak BayVictoria West and Esquimalt and help keep these residents active and healthy. We strive to creatively and professionally maximize client functioning and promote life-long wellness.

Our experienced and dedicated evidence based Health Care Professionals include Victoria & Saanich Physiotherapists Penny SalmasJennifer Kolot, Mark GottfriedChristine CarratNicole GillMohsen Mirzaie, Robyn ElliotHolly Mallari,  Elyse NieuwoldMeena SranPhil Lawrence, Jessica ShaveCody McEvayKathy Murdoch,  Ruan Le RouxNina Bai, Kira Crover, Hilary BeckIgnacio Parodi and Blair Braz. Our experienced Victoria BC Kinesiologists include Kira CroverHeidi Nottelman,  Our experienced Victoria & Saanich BC Registered Massage Therapists include Taryn KrizanSelena CurveloJennifer KoebernickKathy PantalonT’airah Bowker RMTMolly Scott, Jessica Bundy RMTLaura Jones and Rebekah Neubert. Our Victoria Athletic Therapists are Tegan Johnson and Cheryl Mah. Our Certified Victoria Pilates and Yoga Instructors include Chantelle Shah-PoulinLisa HostmanDanielle O’ReillyStephanie Cadman &  Chris Csak,

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